Returns, Warranty

 About product damage

Please open the package within 7 days after the item arrives and check if the item is damaged.

If any damage is confirmed, please contact the shipping company that delivered it.

■ About returns

If there are any initial defects in the delivered product, please contact us in advance within 7 days after the product arrives and return the product.

After confirming the contents, we will exchange it for a non-defective product.

(In that case, we will bear the shipping fee)

(We cannot accept returns if the product has been modified or processed by the customer.)

If there is no replacement, we will refund the purchase price (including the shipping fee if you pay the shipping fee).

Please note that we cannot guarantee other than the above.

We will accept returns and exchanges even if your order is incorrect or your image is different, but you will be responsible for shipping and other costs.

■ Guarantee

Basically, our products guarantee the quality of the product itself within the warranty period (1 year from purchase).

Repair wages and vehicles for damage to vehicles, etc. that occur during and after product installation

We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not being able to use the product or loss caused by a secondary disaster.

■ About after-sales support

Our products are products planned, developed and manufactured in-house.

We would like our customers to use it comfortably for a long time, so we will repair any problems that occur after using it in an appropriate manner for a fee as much as possible.