Questions and answers

Question ; 1 

Can it ship overseas?

It can be shipped by EMS.

Some areas cannot be shipped by EMS due to the influence of coronavirus.

In that case, we will send it by DHL, so the shipping fee will be higher.

Question; 2

 Is it possible to return the product?

Of course it is possible. If the delivered product is defective, please contact us in as much detail as possible and return the product. After confirming the defect, we will replace it with a non-defective product. (If you do not have a replacement, we are very sorry but we may refund your money.)

* We accept returns and exchanges for your convenience such as order mistakes and different images, but you will be responsible for shipping and handling charges.

Question; 3

 Is there a product guarantee? Is it possible to repair the product?

★ Our products are basically planned, developed, and manufactured in-house, and we want you to use the products comfortably for a longer period of time, so we basically deal with problems that occur with proper usage. We will guarantee or repair at actual cost.

* Basically, free repair and replacement for one year after purchase.

* However, we are not responsible for repair wages for damage to the vehicle during or after the product is installed, disadvantages due to the inability to use the vehicle, or loss due to a secondary disaster.

Question; 4 

Is it easy to install?

Most of them can be installed without any processing.

Installation instructions are included.